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JT NEWS: March 2015 – Harnessing of residual thermal is a reality on Recalfrio

In August 2014 the Recalfrio system in meat plant from Castrolanda Cooperatives, Bata and Capal went into operation using primary energy – live steam.

At this stage the plant will operate using secondary energy, i.e., residual heat from industrial processes, transforming it into primary energy in the form of cold by absorption and heat by thermal exchange of the process itself.

The Recalfrio system confirms that sustainable energy is a reality, following the global trend of environmental management and a way to go if the industry want to remain competitive in the market.

In addition to reducing the energy dependency of the dealers, the system has the following advantages:

  • reduction of primary energy consumption by up to 50%;
  • recovers up to 60% of secondary energy in the form of cold;
  • recovers up to 40% of secondary energy as heat;
  • increases by 15% the yield of low cooling system;
  • low maintenance costs;
  • reduces the emission of CO2;

Download file: JTNEWS – 03/2015 english

JTNEWS-032015 ingles