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SIRESP – Harnessing Energy Secondary

Reuse of Secondary Energy in Primary System: entire industry that in its industrial process generates thermal energy in the form of heat and cold as primary energy for the production process, can use the concept of energy recovery SIRESP.


By harnessing the energy discarded to the environment can have a reduction in energy consumption generating the following gains for the industry:

  • Lower power consumption;
  • lower fuel consumption for thermal power generation;
  • reuse of secondary thermal energy;
  • reuse of wastewater treatment sludge for the generation of biogas;
  • lower emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere;
  • lower water consumption through recycling of same in the industrial process;
  • energy self-sufficiency in the industry.

The SIRESP meets the 3Rs initiative of PNUMA- United Nations Program for the Environment: reduce, reuse and recycle.