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December 2014: Why invest in clean technologies?

Invest in clean technologies such as SIRESP and Recalfrio projects is profitable; strong industries in clean technologies can transform a country into world leadership. You can see this in some pioneering countries in this sector as Denmark, where production in the cleantech sector represents 3% of GDP, Israel since the 50s is committed to developing environmentally friendly technologies to deal with scarce resources limited availability of energy and water and Sweden in that clean technologies are present from green building and energy to mechanical recycling of solid waste.

The Living Planet Report from WWF predicts that the gains of the industries that develop this type of technology should move 1600 billion euros in 2020, behind only the electronics and automotive industry. Clean technology in 2007 moved 630 million euros, winning the pharmaceutical industry.

Watching world powers investing in clean technologies and report data cited earlier can reach an almost obvious conclusion: governments and the private sector should invest in clean technologies, with subsidies and direct resources respectively; addition to addressing the energy security of the planet are in clean technologies in the future when both economic and social environment is.

Governments can support these initiatives with grants, renewable energy targets and policies of contract. According to the WWF forgo investment opportunities in clean technologies is taking action against global interests, the old habit of using fossil fuels because of the pressure of traditional industries.


Source: WWF and Ecodesenvolvimento